Dental Continuing Education Classes

May I Help You? offers classes to meet the requirements of both the Dental Board of California and Cal/OSHA

The Dental Board of California (DBC) is committed to protect the health and safety of dental patients. The following continuing education classes are required for renewal of your license and must be taken every two years.

  • Minimum Standards for Infection Control
  • This class meets the requirements of section 1005 of the Dental Practice Act by discussing in detail each point of section 1005, Minimum Standards For Infection Control. 2 CEUs.

  • Dental Practice Act (California Dental Law)

This class meets the requirements of Title 16, Section 107 of the California Code of Regulations (CCR). 2 CEUs.

Subjects Covered:

  • Acts in violation of the Dental Practice Act
  • The scope of practice for dentistry
  • Utilization and scope of practice for auxiliaries in the dental practice
  • Licensing renewal regulations
  • Laws governing the prescribing of drugs
  • Laws governing citations, fines, revocation, suspension of a dental license
  • Supporting regulations

Cal/OSHA is dedicated to protect the health and safety of dental employees. Cal/OSHA requires employers to provide initial and annual Bloodborne Pathogen training. CE Units are given for this class and may be used as part of your total CEU requirements.

  • Bloodborne Pathogen Standard

This class meets the requirements of Title 8, section 5193 of the California Code of Regulations,  Bloodborne Pathogens. 2 CEUs.

Subjects Covered:

  • Copy and explanation of Title 8, CCR, section 5193
  • A general explanation of the epidemiology and symptoms of bloodborne diseases.
  • An explanation of the mode of transmission of bloodborne pathogens.
  • Discussion of the contents of the employer's Exposure Control Plan, Plan location & how employees may obtain a copy of the plan.
  • An explanation of appropriate methods for recognizing tasks and other activities which may involve exposure to blood and OPIM.
  • An explanation of the use and limitations of methods that will prevent or reduce exposure including appropriate engineering controls, administrative and work practice controls and PPE.
  • Information of the types, proper use, removal, handling, decontamination and /or disposal of PPE. An explanation of the basis for selection of PPE.
  • Information concerning the hepatitis B vaccine including information on it's efficacy, safety, method of administration, benefits, and that the vaccine will be offered free of charge.
  • Information on proper actions to take, and persons to contact in an emergency involving blood or OPIM.
  • An explanation of procedures to be followed after an exposure incident including method of reporting the incident, and medical follow-up that will be made available at no charge and method for recording the incident on the sharps injury log.
  • Information on post exposure evaluation and follow-up that employer is required to provide to an employee after an exposure incident.
  • A discussion of signs, labels and color coding required by the Standard.
  • An opportunity for interactive questions and answers with the person conducting the training session.

Classes are offered in your office. Call for more information or to schedule a class:

(408) 248-7134