OSHA Compliance Consulting

May I Help You? can assist you with your OHSA compliance needs. Don’t wait to be inspected - fines for not having a written Injury and Illness Prevention Plan, including the Exposure Control Plan, can be huge.

Services that we provide:

  1. We will prepare the Injury and Illness Prevention manual that includes an Exposure Control Plan. All of the required information in the manual is site-specific to your office.
  2. We will provide the initial Mandatory Quarterly SB 198 Safe Work Practice training. For the remainder of the first year, we will send you a reminder when it is time for your office to have a quarterly inspection and SB 198 training, and we will provide a package of training documents so that you may continue to provide this training to your staff four times a year.
  3. We will provide Bloodborne Pathogen training. The class will cover OSHA’s Bloodborne Pathogen Standard as well as the California Dental Board’s Minimum Standard for infection control.
Items that we provide:
  1. Copies of the following documents:
    1. “Standards for Protection Against Radiation”
    2. “Radiation Safety Instructions”
    3. “Radiation Safety in Dental Practice and excerpts from the California Radiation Control Regulations”.
    4. “Infection Control for X-Rays”
  2. Employee medical record file folders (one for each employee plus several extras), which include:
    1. Hepatitis B Vaccine (HBV) Consent/Immunization Record
    2. Hepatitis B Vaccine (HBV) Declination Form
  3. An Exposure Incident file that includes:
    1. All appropriate forms.
    2. A flowchart of what to do in case of an exposure incident, and all follow-up procedures.
    3. A copy of the Bloodborne Pathogen Standard (plus an additional copy to post in the office).
  4. Employee Training Manual:
    1. OSHA requires that you provide training for new and temporary employees before they enter into your office where Bloodborne Pathogens or Hazardous Chemicals are a possible risk.
    2. This manual is designed to help you train your staff, providing suggestions for training and instructions for record keeping.
    3. Training must include: Office Safety, Bloodborne Pathogen and Hazard Communication Training at the initial time of hire and annually thereafter.
    4. The Employee Training Manual is an excellent tool designed to help you thoroughly yet quickly provide the required training for new or temporary employees.
Additional items that we provide:
  1. Necessary OSHA and Labor Posters including a copy of the BBP Standard. (Posters are filled out for you and laminated for easy care).
  2. Additional required and any additional personalized office signs/labels.
  3. A complete and accurate office map. (Framed and ready to hang.)
  4. Basic employee first aid kit and a ventilation protective device.
  5. An employee complaint box with copies of all anonymous forms.
  6. Spill kit for a biohazardous or chemical spill includes required spill procedure.
  7. Scrap amalgam container including instructions.
  8. Outdated Pharmaceutical container.
  9. Container for lead foil.
  10. A complete list of items that may need to be purchased or repaired to ensure that the office is in compliance.
  11. Offices with 10 or more employees receive Ergonomics Ergonomic and Tuberculosis Standard and training in these areas.
  12. Offices with 10 or more employees receive Prop. 65 posters and information.

We will assist you in the following areas:

  1. We will assist in reviewing your MSDS notebook and show your assistant how to update it.
  2. We will review your Spore Test manual and assist in updating present records.
  3. We will review your Hazardous/Medical waste tracking documents and assist in updating present records.
  4. We will advise regarding a physician to handle exposure incidents.
  5. We will contact Health Department Radiology to make sure that your x-ray permits are current.
  6. We will contact the Environmental Health Department in your county to make sure that have your Medical and Hazardous Waste permits and that they are current.
  7. We will contact the Pressure Vessel office to make sure that your compressor has the required permit. All compressors larger than 1½ cubic feet must have a permit to operate.

Our complimentary initial consultation is usually 1 hour. When we return to your office 3 to 4 weeks after the initial visit, we will need about 3 hours with you and your entire staff. Offices that have 10 or more employees the training session will require 3½ hours. At that time we will provide the quarterly SB 198 safety training and the required annual Bloodborne Pathogen training, and review the contents of the Injury and Illness Prevention Plan. We will provide 3 CEU’s for the 3 hours of training. Only employees with exposure or possible exposure are required to attend the BBP training, but all must attend the SB 198 training. And finally, we will need approximately one hour with the Safety Manager to provide additional instructions for maintaining the manuals and proper record keeping.

Once we have completed our second visit and have provided the necessary training, we continue to work closely with you and your staff.

Each Quarter for the first year, you will receive a Quarterly Inspection package with complete instructions. We will also perform any necessary updates to your manuals; simply fax us the corrections.

By the end of your year, you and your staff will be comfortable with all areas of compliance and will be able to stay in compliance.

May I Help You? not only handles your OSHA Compliance needs, we also customize our service to the needs of your office.